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Solar PV & Solar Thermal

Solar PV & Solar Thermal

Solar PV

When you install Solar PV Panels at your property you can then register to receive the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) which is a Government incentive that pays you for using your panels.


The simple overview of the FIT scheme is the energy that you don't use from your panels is fed back into the national grid and you are paid per KW of power that is fed back into the national grid. If your property needs the power then it will simply switch over to using the solar panels to generate the power needed. 

​We are now working with installers and energy suppliers to help properties have fully funded solar panel systems. If you register your property today we can keep you informed about the free funding to help cover the costs of the installation of Solar PV Panels.

Solar Thermal


Like Solar PV Panels which are installed on your roof space, a Solar Thermal system provides energy from the sun to heat your hot water all year round. During colder months like winter you will only really need to switch on your boiler. Again Solar Thermal systems are able to receive the FIT Government Scheme, you can read about this above on the Government Link.

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You can register your property to see if you qualify for ECO Funding by completing the form below. We will check your property address to see how we can help and call you back.

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Step 1 Contact Us

Call Energy Support Link 0800 433 7895. We will check to see if you / your property qualifies, what products and funding we can allocate to you. Within seconds of phoning we will be able to connect you through to a Domestic Energy Advisor.

Step 2 Assessment
Once we have identified you qualify usually within 2-3 working days we will then arrange a free assessment at your property to identify the products we can install for free. This will be conducted by a qualified assessor.

Step 3 Processing Application

Once the assessment is complete the assessment details including images, floorplan and eco documents are sent to us electronically for processing. We normally process the application within 1-2 working days. Once processed this will be sent to our installer that is PAS2030 qualified (Government Qualification) for that specific product.

Step 4 Installation

Installation of your new products. This last stage will be complete usually within the same day. The products you are having will be up and running for you to enjoy and start saving money. All the measures installed are for you to keep you do not have to pay anything back.


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