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Energy Support Link can help guide you through the process of setting up renewable energy solutions. Renewables with Energy Support Link covers Solar PV, Biomass Boilers and Air Source Heat Pumps.

There are many intensives for using renewable technology from receiving FIT (Feed in Tariff) payments from the Government FIT Scheme, RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payment under the RHI Government Scheme and funding to help cover the costs of install ECO Funding Government Scheme. Overall a renewable solution can reduce your energy bills and provide a payment through the Government Schemes for using them.

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To learn more you can select an option below.

Heat Pumps

Here you will learn about the process from start to finish, how we can help improve your property with the ECO Government Grants Scheme.


Here you will learn about the different types of funding. You will notice that no matter your situation or location there is a funding element that you can be eligible for.

Solar PV & Solar Thermal

Here you can learn about all the different types of products you can have at your property. From Oil, Gas Boilers to a wide rage of insulation and renewable's we have it covered.