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Frequent Questions

I am not on benefits do I qualify?

Call Energy Support Link 0800 433 7895. We will check to see if you / your property qualifies, what products and funding we can allocate to you. We have access to a wide range of funding for those who are not in receipt of benefits or who are.

Who are Energy Support Link?
Energy Support Link are responsible to many installers and assessors through the country. We contact qualifying properties and run checks to see if the property or the people living in the property qualify. Once we establish using the network of assessors we will arrange your free ECO assessment. Once the assessment is complete we will arrange with our install partners  the installation of your free products. We are an important part, if we didn't make contact to properties people wouldn't know about the Government Scheme. Unfortunately the Government don't spend on marketing to inform people about the scheme so its down to companies like ourselves to find the qualifying properties and people. We are an important part if it was not for companies like ourselves nobody would benefit.   

Think of us like a travel agent, where we connect you to the assessors, installers and funding the destination being a warmer more energy efficient home.

I rent my property do I qualify?

Yes, however we will need your landlord permission before we install any new products. Permission is normally granted by a landlord to us by using a LLPF form a landlord permission form.

How much do we get paid from each job & how do we get paid?

We get paid after the installation from the installers, we pay the assessors and marketing costs, the installers get paid from the energy suppliers all through the ECO funding Government Scheme. So overall the ECO Funding filters down through the supply chain direct from the ECO funding through to the assessors that visit your property. It's all covered under the ECO funding.

This does not change the amount of funding you receive. All the jobs we fit a funded and in 99% of cases fully funded for free. Again in the history of Energy Support Link we have not charged a penny.   

Can I contact my energy supplier or Government Directly?

You can however the rate of funding and the supply network we have is much greater. If you contact one energy company you will find the installers and processing end up with companies like ourselves. The advantages are huge by using Energy Support Link, we can negotiate install deals, products and also funding rates all to ensure you get the most out of the Government Scheme.




ECO Funding can be complex to understand, this is why we made this section to hopefully answer your questions. If you feel we have missed something let us know and we will add it here.

What is ECO Funding, Free Grants

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Is it Free?
Energy Support Link are proud to say we have never charged a single penny to any of its customers, and that is a big achievement to say we have now delivered over 100,000,000 lts in ECO Funding across the whole of the UK.

From start to finish we don't charge, even the phone number is free. So why not give us a call to see if you can gain access to the Free ECO Funding.

How long does it take to get my free products?

Usually when you phone Energy Support Link we will take some basic info about the property and yourself in order to see if you qualify. Within 2-4 working days we will have the results for the checks we do. Once we know you qualify we will send our assessor around again for Free, our qualified asessor will check your property so see what products you can have. Within 2 weeks from assessment we will be installing your new ECO products.  

What happens if I move out?

Nothing, the products belong to you. If you move out and take the products with you or leave them it's your choice. There is no payment at no stage before or in the future, yours to keep and enjoy.

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