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Energy Companies Obligation

Energy Companies Part of The ECO Scheme

Did you know all our accredited installers are connected directly to the obligated energy suppliers. Our network consists of many install teams across the UK accredited with Oftec, PAS2030 certifications, most of our installers are funded directly through the obligated energy suppliers, this means the work conducted on all installs has to be set to an high standard.


To find a full list of obligated Energy Suppliers you can visit the following website:

FAQ's, Useful Information

Can I contact my Energy Supplier Directly for ECO funding?

Energy suppliers can be contacted directly however many installs and processing end up with qualified installers and other private companies. At Energy Support Link we work with many installers who are directly connected with all the obligated Energy Suppliers, this means we can help you gain access to the best funding, many suppliers offer different funding rates. Once you contact Energy Support Link we will look at the energy product you are interested in and find the correct installer who is contracted with one of the major energy companies.

Advantages of using Energy Support Link vs Energy Supplier

There are many advantages of using Energy Support Link over contacting an Energy Supplier Directly here are just a few:

1. We can install your energy saving product e.g New Boiler within 2 weeks from assessment, many Energy Companies have a much longer process and can take a long time before you have your product installed.

2. We have accredited assessors working with Energy Support Link, our assessors are able to assess properties much faster than most Energy Companies, we can normally assess your property if you qualify within the week.

3. Best funding for your property, we work with many installers that have funding from many different energy companies at all different funding levels. For example if you re looking for a new boiler and you qualify, we will find the best installer, with the highest level of funding to ensure you get the maximum level of funding for your install.

4. Energy Companies install costs are much higher than smaller private firms. Energy Support Link can find you the best installer not only with the highest workmanship levels but the most cost effective, this means 99% of the measures we install are 100% FREE. Using this approach we can find you the best deals to make sure you get the most out of the ECO funding. Just like you would use a travel agent to find you the best holidays.

5. Combination of funding, unlike going direct to one supplier we can use multiple installers for different products. For example we might have a better rate of funding through one installer for Insulation products and a better rate of funding for Boilers through a different installer, we can then use multiple installers with different funding sources to make sure you get the products for FREE. In most situations Boilers, Insulation and other ECO products are installed for Free.

When do Energy suppliers become obligated under ECO?

Energy suppliers have legal obligations under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme if they:

  • have more than 250,000 domestic customers

  • provide more than 400 gigawatt hours of electricity or more than 2,000 gigawatt hours of gas.

Energy supplier responsibilities

Energy Suppliers are responsible for meeting their ECO obligations and ensuring that they, and any members of the supply chain acting on their behalf, comply with the scheme requirements.

Does it matter my energy supplier is not listed / obligated?

No, we have access to funding through a wide range of accredited installers through the UK, it does not matter who your energy is purchased through. For example if you purchase your energy through Npower we can use an installer with funding through EDF to conduct the installation of ECO products. It's the overall ECO Scheme obligation that needs to be delivered through all obligated suppliers so it will not matter who your energy is with.

We recommend visiting our main FAQ's page click the link below if you have more questions, also if you find something not covered on the website we would like to hear from you. You can contact a funding advisor or a qualified domestic  energy advisor on 0800 433 7895 for more information.

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