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What products can I have?

This is a common question, there are many different products under ECO funding in fact there are around 40. Ranging from Windows through to Solar and Boilers. Some of the products are fully funded and some part funded.


The product and the amount of funding depends on what is currently trying to be achieved under the scheme. For example products such as boilers have been on the scheme since the very start, however the type of boilers and property types have changed over the years, originally Gas properties where the main focus and now we are finding more funding available for off gas properties.

Understanding what you qualify for and your property qualifies for can be complex. That's why we are here to help call 0800 433 7895 to speak to a funding advisor. We can also inform you of future products. It's always worth registering so we can keep you up to date.

Current ECO Products Covered under the HHCRO and CERO funding types. To learn more about HHCRO and CERO click here...

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Popular Products

We have made a list of popular products that are covered under the current ECO funding Scheme, please note this is not an extensive list for more details on all products covered please call an Energy Advisor on 0800 433 7895.

Check your Energy Rating.

Did you know you can check your property rating by visiting the EPC register your property might be listed. Click the image to the left.

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Free Boilers, Oil, Gas, LPG systems. Most properties are fully funded under ECO Funding for the Free Replacement Boilers. You will qualify for this measure under:


  • LA Flex

Free Insulation, Loft, Cavity & External / Internal Wall insulation. Also many other insulation products are covered. You would need to qualify on one of the below. Also CERO funding post code area not means tested.


  • LA Flex

  • CERO

Other Products

Free Airsource Heatpumps, we are now working with an installation partner and a major utility to help convert old heating systems to renewable heating options such as Air Source Heat Pumps. You would need to qualify on the below. You can visit our Renewables section to learn more.


Solar PV, Solar is a measure covered on HHCRO funding.  However with Solar we find that its only part funded at this time. We will be keeping all registered properties up to date when this changes.


There is a wide range of ECO products both free and part funded. We recommend speaking to a funding advisor on 0800 433 7895 to find out exactly what you and your property qualifies for. Call 0800 433 7895.

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