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Free OIL Boilers Government Grants

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We are accredited

What accreditation do we and the installers need to install a Government Grant Boiler?

1) Green Deal Approved, we are Green Deal approved below you will find a screen shot taken from the Government Green Deal Orb website :


2) Accredited installers qualified with Oftec (this is the Oil qualification for installing Oil Boilers). We have included a screen shot below from Otec showing the installers we use and the accreditation, also a link here:









What Boilers do we install & Why?

The main brand of Oil Boilers we use are Trianco and Firebird. The main reason for this is they offer fantastic customer support along with great energy efficiency. Under the Government scheme we have to ensure that the boiler is very highly rated with a 2 year warranty.

We prefer Trianco as they are UK based unlike other brands which are foreign based, this reflects in great customer support.

Below you will find links to suppliers, we have included the links to show how much these boiler retail for, even if you are paying a small contribution we are sure you will understand the massive saving you are receiving with this Government Grant. The average install cost along with the boiler is around £3,500.00 - £5,000.00


Firebird Boilers

Please find below some images of the Firebird boiler range as examples of what we install:







Trianco Boilers

Please find below some images of the Trianco boiler range as examples of what we install:




What to do next?


Call Energy Support Link on 0800 433 7895. We will check to see if you / your property qualifies, what products and funding we can allocate to you. Within seconds of phoning we will be able to connect you through to a Domestic Energy Advisor to guide you through the process.

Step 2 Assessment
Once we have identified you qualify usually within 2-3 working days we will then arrange a free assessment at your property to identify the products we can install for free. This will be conducted by a qualified assessor.

Step 3 Processing Application

Once the assessment is complete the assessment details including images, floorplan and ECO documents are sent to us electronically for processing. We normally process the application within 1-2 working days. Once processed this will be sent to an appropriate installer that is PAS2030 qualified (Government Qualification) for that specific product.

Step 4 Installation

Installation of your new products. This last stage will be complete usually within the same day. The products you are having will be up and running for you to enjoy and start saving money.


All the measures installed are for you to keep you do not have to pay anything back even if you move out.


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How it works


You will have recently been in contact with Energy Support Link regarding a Government Funding Grant application. This website page is to help understand why its free or why there is a small contribution, the process and to answer any questions you have. Our main aim to help all qualifying Oil properties understand the process.

Why do I qualify?

a) ECO Funding History


Firstly you need to understand why you qualify for funding, this is the main question most people ask "you don't get something for nothing". In this instance you can!

Back in 2013 the Government created a scheme to help reduce the carbon emissions in the UK, they named this ECO Funding (Energy Company Obligation). This scheme replaced all previous Government Energy Schemes including Warm Front, CERT & CESP. You may know of the previous schemes, the majority of the UK had free insulation under this.


However ECO Funding in 2013 mainly was for Gas properties, then in 2016 the Government changed the rules and decided to help rural properties heated by Oil and LPG. This was great news for Oil heated properties, however the Government put in place a criteria where you had to be on certain benefits.

During 2016 - Sept 2018 we installed over 1,500 free Oil boilers.

Recently in Nov 2018 through parliament ECO3 was launched and the benefits have been relaxed to include a wider range  of benefits see qualifying benefits below. This now means Oil properties that did not qualify before now have a greater chance to qualify.

Please visit the Government ECO scheme information page on the link below:

b) How do you know I qualify?

At this stage you most likely will have been data matched through the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions).

Because you receive a qualifying benefit (table 1 benefit table) the DWP confirm this in the form of a matched reference number. This matched reference number is enough evidence to indicate that you will be in receipt of a qualifying benefit. It is this matched reference number or a copy of your benefits that will allow the installers to be paid after your Boiler is fitted.

Installers will not fit a Boiler in a property that does not qualify otherwise they will not get paid, so unless they have confirmation from DWP this will not go ahead.

c) How is it Free or why do I have to pay a small contribution?

Once the Boiler is installed the funding for the install is paid through the Government Scheme direct to the installer. However each property has different levels of funding, this is because the Government believes that the bigger or older the house the more energy is used, which is normally correct. The way the Government calculate the funding is based on the amount of bedrooms and wall type a property has. The more bedrooms and the older the property the higher the funding. We are given a set amount per property.

This set amount is indicated in Contributions section below, in most cases you might have a small contribution to pay this is normal and due to the following reasons:

1) Bedrooms you live in a 2-4 bedroom house that is  solid wall construction

2) You live in a cavity property that is deemed more energy efficient

3) You require or the install requires more work than the funding covers.

Energy Support Link is already connected with everybody you need in order to assess your property, install and access ECO funding. We can guide you through the full process.

Qualifying Benefits

Child Tax Credit (No limits)

Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Income Based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)

Income Support

Working Tax Credits (no thresholds)

Universal Credit (no threshold)

Attendance Allowance

Carer's Allowance

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Severe Disability Living Allowance

War Pneions Mobility Supplement

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Constant Attendance Allowance

Child Benefit

1 Adult 1 Child = Income below £18,500

1 Adult 2 Children = Income below £23,000

1 Adult 3 Children = Income below £27,500

1 Adult 4 Children = Income below £32,000

2 Adult 1 Child = Income below £25,00

2 Adult 2 Children = Income below £30,000

2 Adult 3 Children = Income below £34,500

2 Adult 4 Children = Income below £39,000


Contributions are paid to the installer we do not take any money from you, any contributions are just to cover the install costs. Once the installer visits your property we can determine the exact contribution cost as we may find it lower.

3 Bedroom Detached Solid House = £800

4 Bedroom Detached Solid House = £500

5 Bedroom Detached Solid House = Free

6 Bedroom Detached Solid House = Free

4 Bedroom Detached Cavity House = £1000

5 Bedroom Detached Cavity House = £500

6 Bedroom Detached Cavity House = Free

In most cases the above contributions are the price to complete the install however if you would like anything changing that is not included then there may be a further contribution or if the installers find anything further that is not covered with the funding.


Read more about ECO Funding by visiting the Government website Ofgem, click the image link to the left.

Department of Energy & Climate Change

Read more about ECO Funding by visiting the Government website, click the image link to the left.

Check your Energy Rating.

Did you know you can check your property rating by visiting the EPC register your property might be listed. Click the image to the left.

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