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Reducing Carbon Emissions and Energy Bills across Shropshire

Department of Energy & Climate Change

Read more about ECO Funding by visiting the Government website, click the image link to the left.

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In 2018 Energy Support Link Shropshire delivered over 100,000,000 in ECO funding to properties. The aim of Energy Support Link Shropshire is to help reduce carbon emissions by informing households of suitable Government Grants that they can be awarded.

Under the Government ECO scheme Energy Support Link assesses, qualifies and installs energy efficient measures such as boilers, insulation, IWI for free or limited cost.

Our energy department has secured access to free funding under the ECO obligation for this year. We are specifically looking to help properties that are low energy rating or have high cost heating. The aim of Energy Support Link is to help deliver as much ECO funding as possible to those who need it the most. Helping to reduce carbon emissions and lower the cost of energy bills.

Funding is available for a wide range of properties call a funding advisor on Energy Support Link Shropshire 01743 387 237 for more information.

The average property in 2018 received £6,000 - £8,000 in free funding. Energy Support Link only assessed properties where it could install free products with no contribution from the property.

We are helping properties locally and nationally access free funding which can be used for various measures such as Boiler replacements, Insulation, IWI. For information on other products call our funding department on 01743 387 237.

Our overall aim is to inform and improve as many households as possible.

Contact your funding office today 01743 387 237 to see if we can help qualify your property for Government ECO scheme.

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Check your Energy Rating.

Did you know you can check your property rating by visiting the EPC register your property might be listed. Click the image to the left.


Read more about ECO Funding by visiting the Government website Ofgem, click the image link to the left.

Our Network of Assessor and Installers 

Assessors / Domestic Energy Advisors

We have a network of assessors across the country. Our assessors either work direct for Energy Support Link or are contracted dependant on the area. Our accredited assessors will visit your property. Our in house Energy Advisors are accredited with the Stroma Certification


We have a network of installers throughout the country. All installers are accredited with PAS2030 certification. All installers we work with are listed on the Green Deal ORB website. If you would like to know the installer we would be using for your area for a given product let us know and you can locate them on the Green Deal ORB website if you have any questions.

Providers & Energy Companies

Through our accredited installers who have contracts with many different providers of ECO funding including the major Big Six Energy companies we can deliver most ECO products completely Free.

Our installers have access to millions of pounds in funding. If you would like to know what products we can access funding for call one of our funding advisors.